Announcing Our Cover of Everything Dies

By Jason Lekberg

Announcing Our Cover of Everything Dies

Hello killers!

Type O Negative has long been my favorite band, and "Everything Dies" is undoubtably my favorite song by them. Much like their approach to covers, this version is rearranged and presented through my lens. The song was originally recorded to experiment with the direction I wanted to take my last project Nefariant. As that band developed this recording did not fit neatly with the rest of the music. Listening to it now, it’s clear it is really IKILLYA’s take on the song – and I’m excited to properly release it to kick off this new phase of the band.

You can download it for free here, stream the song here, or watch the visualizer here.

This song was recorded with long time collaborators Dave Kerr, Rob Broderick, Jeff Gretz (Zao) and Brian Lawlor. Dave was the bands guitarist from 2009-2014 and co-wrote the first two albums, “Recon” and “Vae Victis”. Rob was the bands bassist from 2014-2017 and co-wrote the 3rd album “War For An Idea”. Jeff played drums on all 3 IKILLYA albums as well as at many live events though the years. Brian played piano on several songs on “War For An Idea”. The song was produced and mixed by Ryan Kelly (Opeth, Nefariant) who worked on elements of every IKILLYA release and mastered by Paul Logus (Corey Taylor, Anthrax).